Rain Out Line: 980-220-0333

2017 Update

  • Registration begins on January 2, 2017

  • The first 260 players will be taken first; where in the past we have given returning players the first 2 weeks to sign up before we open it up to the public. So mark your calendars to sign up the first few days for sure this next year.

  • Games will be played at Park Road Park

  • Practice in Jan/Feb is not budgeted, so anyone who shows up is asked to bring $2 to $3 dollars for every Saturday you attend

  • The National League Division has been renamed in honor of Herman Horne. Beginning 2017, it is now the Herman Horne League

  • The American League Division has been renamed after Charles Curry. Beginning 2017, it is the Charles Curry League

Upcoming Events

American League - Lake Norman Pressure Washing - Tony Spittle

​2016 Fall Tournament Champions

Recreational, yet competitive, athletic participation for seniors 50+ in the Charlotte area.


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National League - Sons of Pitches - Pat Gallo